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Underground Injection Control Variances

List of Underground Injection Control Variances Granted for In Situ Injection-Type Aquifer Remediation Products and Processes

Variance Name Vendor

ABC+ (Anaerobic BioChem Plus)

Redox Tech LLC

ABC (Anaerobic BioChem)

Redox Tech LLC

Ammonium Nitrate ARCADIS G&M
Bio-Integration, 4.5% aqueous by wt. Environmental Remediation Consultants, Inc.
BioSolve American Environmental of Broward County, Inc.
BiOx Biomanagement Services, Inc.
BiOx ConSeal International, Inc.
Butane Biostimulation Technologies Global BioScience, Inc.
Calcium Peroxide Environmental Engineering Consultants, Inc.
Calcium Peroxide

Shell Chemical Company


JRW Bioremediation LLC

CleanOx Man-Tech Environmental Corporation
CleanOx Man-Tech Environmental Corporation
Cogen V Plus Bioworld Biotechnology, Inc.
Cool-Ox a.k.a. CISCO

DeepEarth Technologies, Inc.

Cosolvent Flushing Solution (95% ethanol & 5% potable water) Natural Resource Recovery Group, Inc.
Dissolvine E-FE-13 (10% by wt.)

FMC Corp.

Ethanol 95% / Water 5% LFR, Inc.
Ethyl Lactate, 10.0% by wt.

Levine-Fricke (LFR, Inc.)

Fenton's Process Eagle-Picher Industries, Inc.
Fenton's Process Environmental Engineering Consultants, Inc.
Fenton's Process

US Army Corps of Engineers/ECG, Inc.

Ferric Chloride, 1%

Department of the Air Force

Ferric Sulfate (500 mg/L sulfate, 5 mg/L iron) Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc.

Geo-Cleanse International Corporation

H2O2, 10% - 50%; FeSO4, .00003% - .05% WRS Infrastructure & Environment

Perix Industries


(Hydrogen Release Compound) Regenesis Bioremediation Products

Hydrocarbon Degradation Formula (HDF) - 2 Bio-Tech 2000, Inc.
Hydrogen Peroxide

Enviro-Logical Solutions, Inc.

Hydrogen Peroxide, 1% - 50% Fluor Daniel GTI
Hydrogen Peroxide, 1% - 50%

IT Corporation

Hydrogen Peroxide, 1% - 35% Natural Resource Recovery Group, Inc.
Hydrogen Peroxide and Catalyst Environmental Remediation and Financial Services LLC
Hydrogen Peroxide, Nutrient & Microbes

AR Environmental Services, Inc.

ISOTEC In-Situ Oxidative Technologies, Inc.
Liquefied Activated Carbon, 1% by volume Madrid Engineering Group, Inc.
Liquid Remediact (Envirologic, Inc.)
Microbial Culture Product M-1000H* and Nutrient Products OSNF#1 and/or Tri-Phasic 12 Micro-Bac International, Inc.
Micro-Blaze, 3% Verde Environmental, Inc.
Molasses HSA Engineers & Scientists, Inc.
Molasses Metcalf & Eddy, Inc.
ORC (Oxygen Release Compound) Regenesis Bioremediation Products
Oxy-Cat Asset Recovery Group, Inc.
Potassium Lactate, 60% by Weight Environmental Engineering Consultants, Inc.
Potassium Lactate, 60% by wt. HSA Engineers & Scientists, Inc.
Potassium Permanganate, 1.0% Ecology and Environment
Potassium Permanganate Geo-Cleanse International, Inc. (Denied)
Potassium Permanganate, 0.5% - 4.0%

Geo-Insite, Inc.

Potassium Permanganate, 0.726% - 1.21% Groundwater Technology, Inc.
Potassium Permanganate, 2.5%

Harding ESE, Inc. (Denied)

Potassium Permanganate, 0.76% & 1.16% Harding Lawson Associates
Potassium Permanganate, 0.726-1.21% & greater HSA Engineers & Scientists, Inc.
Potassium Permanganate, 0.726% - 1.21%

IT Corporation

Potassium Permanganate, 1.5% - 3.0%

IT Corporation

Potassium Permanganate, 0.77%

LFR, Inc.

Potassium Permanganate, 2.5%

Natural Resource Recovery Group, Inc.

Potassium Permanganate, 4.0%

WRS Infrastructure & Environmental, Inc.

RemOx EC Stabilization Reagent Adventus Americas, Inc.
RemOx EC Stabilization Reagent Carus Chemical Company
RemOx L ISCO Carus Chemical Corporation
RemOx S ISCO Carus Chemical Corporation
Sodium Lactate

Camp Dresser & McKee

Sodium Permanganate, 40% Geo-Cleanse International, Inc.
Sodium Permanganate, 40% Harding ESE
Sodium Permanganate, HP


Sodium Permanganate, remediation grade, 5% by wt ARCADIS G&M
Soybean Oil, Lecithin, Sodium Lactate mixture P2 Environmental, Inc.
STI Technology, 0.05% by wt. Partners for a Better Environment
Tertiary Butyl Alcohol and Potassium Permanganate

LFR, Inc.

Vapor-Phase Nutrients; Recirculation/Re-injection MCC Technology, Inc.
Vegetable (Soybean) Oil Parsons Engineering Science, Inc.

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