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ATC Contract DEP Guidance Documents and Forms

DEP Guidance Documents and Forms

No. Title References* Site Access Remedial Options and Design RA Impl. Site Closure
1. Applicability of Soil Cleanup Target Levels at Contaminated Sites (9/29/00)
62-713, 62-777, 62-782, 62-785, F.A.C.
2. Approval to Construct Class V, Group 4 Injection Wells for Contaminated Site Rehabilitation (9/14/12) 373, FS; 62-538, F.A.C.   X X  
3. BPSS Enforcement of Laboratory NELAP Certification Requirements (2/15/07) 62-160, *62-770, F.A.C. X X X X
4. BPSS Field Notes Guidance (4/25/12) FD 1000 X X X X
5. BPSS PCS-003: Complete Streamlined Assessment Procedures for Inland Protection Trust Funded Sites (9/1/01) 62-777, F.A.C. X      
6. BPSS PCS-004: Soil Sampling and Sampling Methods (10/1/01)
62-770, 62-777, *17-70, F.A.C.
7. BPSS PCS-005: Groundwater Sampling Standard Operating Procedures Variances and Clarifications for Bureau of Petroleum Storage System Sites (5/2/05) 62-160, F.A.C. X X X X
8. BPSS PCS-006: Design, Installation, and Placement of Monitoring Wells (5/2/05)
*62-770 F.A.C.; 62-777,F.A.C.**
9. BPSS-1: Non Petroleum Contamination at Petroleum Contaminated Sites (5/1/98) None X X X X
10. BPSS -2: In Situ Sparging, Pilot Studies, Design Requirements (5/1/98) None   X    
11. BPSS-3: Design Requirements and Procedures for NPDES Discharges   (5/1/98) None   X X  
12. BPSS-4: Vacuum Extraction, Multi-Phase Extraction, Pilot Studies, Air Emissions Treatment and Monitoring Requirements (5/10/00) *62-770, F.A.C.; 62-777, F.A.C.   X X  
13. BPSS-5: Record Drawings (6/4/98) *62-770, F.A.C.   X X  
14. BPSS-6: Modifications to Approved RAPs (5/1/98) None   X X  
15. BPSS-7: Administrative Procedures (5/1/98) *62-770, F.A.C. X X X X
16. BPSS-8: Effluent Disposal via Injection Well (6/8/00)
62-528, 62-520, 62-550,
62-777, F.A.C.
  X X  
17. BPSS-9: PE Certification Requirements (5/1/98) 471, FS X X X X
18. BPSS-10: In Situ Chemical Additives (3/11/11)
*62-770, F.A.C.; 62-777, 62-550, 62-528, 62-522, F.A.C.
X X X  
19. BPSS-11: Natural Attenuation Evaluation Procedures (5/1/98) *62-770, F.A.C. X X X  
20. BPSS-12: Pilot Test Guidelines for Pre-Approval Program Sites (2/3/04) None   X    
21. BPSS-12A: In-Situ Air Sparging Pilot Test Guidance (9/2/03) None   X    
22. BPSS-12B: Soil Vapor Extractions Pilot Test Guidance (9/2/03) None   X    
23. BPSS-12C: Biosparging Pilot Test Guidance (9/2/03) None   X    
24. BPSS-12D: Multi-Phase Extraction Pilot Test Guidance (9/2/03) None   X    
25. BPSS-12E: Bioventing Pilot Test Guidance (9/2/03) None   X    
26. BPSS-12F Groundwater Recovery Guidance (1/30/04) None   X X  
27. Calculated SCTLs for TRPH Fractions Based on TPHCWG and MADEP Methods (4/17/05) 62-777, F.A.C. X X X X
28. Clarification of Analytical Requirements of the Generic Permit for Discharges from Petroleum Contaminated Sites (8/6/10)
62-620, 62-621, F.A.C.; 403, FS
  X X  
29. DEP Quality Assurance Program Field SOPs (001/01) - See 2014 DEP SOPs 62-160, F.A.C. X X X X
30. Difficult Sites Memo (5/21/03) *62-770, 62-777, F.A.C.   X X  
31. Draft Petroleum Product Indoor Vapor Intrusion Guidelines (8/16/13) 62-780, F.A.C. X X X X
32. Draft Receptor Survey & Exposure Pathway Identification Form and required attachments (7/4/13) None X X X X
33. Executive Summary of Source Removal Guidance for Preapproval Program Sites (2/15/07) 376, FS   X X  
34. Free Product Recovery Initiative Guidance Revised (1/15/08); Revised (5/23/17) 376, FS X X X  
35. Generic Permit for Short Term Discharges from Petroleum Contaminated Sites, Supplemental Procedural Guidance (6/23/04) 62-621, F.A.C.   X X  

*Revised document dated November 14, 2008.

1003.01, FS; 376.30702, FS; *62-770, F.A.C.; 62-780, 62-782, 62-785, F.A.C.
Guidance for Access to Railroad Properties that are contaminated by Petroleum Sites That Are Eligible for State Funded Cleanup Where the Railroad Property is Not the Source of Contamination (10/15/03)
*Updated document dated 05/09/18
376, FS; Title 49, Part 214, Code of Federal Regulations X X X X
38. Guidance for Comparing Background and Site Chemical Concentrations in Soil (January 2012) 62-780, F.A.C. X X X X
39. Guidance for Completing the Groundwater Sampling Log (Form FD 9000-24) for Chapter 62-770, F.A.C. 62-770, F.A.C. X X X X
40. Guidance for the Determination of Subsequently Discovered Discharges at Sites with Preexisting Eligible Petroleum Discharges Pursuant to Section 376.30716, Florida Statutes (2/15/07)
62-761, F.A.C.; *62-770, F.A.C.; 376, FS; 67.3071(4), FS
41. Guidance on Site Assessment and Supplemental Assessment Report Preparation for Petroleum Preapproval Sites (10/29/98)
376, FS; 492, FS; *62-770 F.A.C.
62-777, 62-780, 62-782, 62-785, F.A.C.; *62-770, F.A.C.; 5J-17, F.A.C.; 319, 320, 321, 322, 373, 376, 403, FS
43. Interim Guidance for Laboratory Analyses for Soil Samples for Petroleum Contamination Site Assessments (2/3/98) *62-770, F.A.C. X X X X
44. Investigations Near Petroleum Storage Systems (9/25/00) Please refer to 44a and 44b below. X X X  
44a. Restatement of Memo dated September 25, 2000 Amending Guidance for Amended & Restated Agency Term Contracts and Protocol for Contractor Damage to Petroleum Storage Systems and Utilities, Effective Date: December 16, 2016 None X X X X
44b. Performance Standards for State-funded Investigations Near Petroleum Storage Systems and Utilities, December 16, 2016 62-761.200(63), F.A.C.; 62-761.450(2) and (3), F.A.C.; 62-761.900(6), F.A.C.; 62-761.900(1), F.A.C.; 556, FS; 556.105, FS X
45. LTNAM Procedure and Technical Guidance with Attachments (1/20/11)
376.3071, FS, *62-770, F.A.C., 62-777, F.A.C.
  X X  
46. Memorandum of Understanding with DOT Regarding Petroleum Cleanup and Right of Way (10/29/12)
376, FS; 403, FS; 334, FS; 337, FS;339, FS; *17-70, FAC
47. Off-Site Access Instructions-All Contractors (3/2/12) 376.3071(4)(1), FS X X X X
48. Preapproval Program Allowable Cost Related to recommendation for NFA with condition (9/1/11) 61-770, F.A.C. X X X X
49. Preapproval Program Backfill Quality Assurance Procedures for Site Undergoing Excavation (Updated 10/10/10) 62-173 F.A.C.   X X  
50. Preapproval Program Guidance for Technical and Cost Justification for Contaminated Soil Source Removal (February 2007) *62-770, F.A.C.; 376, FS   X X  
51. Preapproval Program Policy on Disclosure of Relationships between Preapproval Program Contractors and Subcontractors for Professional Engineering and Geological Services (9/30/04) None X X X X
52. Priority Pollutant Volatile and Extractable Organics (8/11/10) 62-770, F.A.C. X X X X
53. Procedural and Technical Guidance for Site Characterization Screening (7/1/12) *62-770, F.A.C. X     X
54. Professional Certification of Technical Documents (3/31/00) 471, FS; 472, FS X X X X
55. Quality Assurance - Basic Dilution Principles Supplement to the BPSS Memorandum "Quality Assurance and Related Issues" (6/10/10) 62-160, F.A.C.; *62-770, F.A.C. X X X X
56. Quality Assurance and Related Issues (5/14/07)
62-160, F.A.C.; *62-770, F.A.C.; 62-777, F.A.C.
57. Revised Policy on Establishment and Use of Milestones for Evaluating the Operation of Active Remediation Systems in the Preapproval Program (4/19/99) None   X X  
58. Revised Procedures and Required Documentation for the Transfer of Title, Registration and Licensure of State-Owned Remediation System Trailers (Supersedes memo of same title dated 12/14/04) (2/28/05) 319, FS; 320, FS     X  
59. Rounding Analytical Data for Site Rehabilitation Completion (11/17/11)
62-302, F.A.C., 62-520, F.A.C., 62-777, F.A.C.
60. PRP Site Access Agreement 768.28, FS X X X X
61. Soil Cleanup Target Levels, Application to Site Rehabilitation Discussions (2/1/11) 62-777, F.A.C.; *62-770, F.A.C. X X X  
62. SPLP Procedures for Petroleum Contaminated Sites (3/8/10) *62-770, F.A.C. X X X X
63. State-Owned Tangible Personal Property Procedures an Requirements (Revised) (3/3/08)
273, FS; Section 10.370 Auditor Guidance; DEP Directives 320
64. Supplement to Milestone Policy - Time to Switch Evaluation Procedures (9/6/01) 62-777, F.A.C.   X X  
65. Supplemental Guidance for 62-770.300 Interim Soil Source Removal (2/15/07) *62-770, F.A.C.   X X  
66. Supplemental Guidance for Air Emissions Control from Active Remedial Action Systems (11/24/09) *62-770, F.A.C.   X X  
67. Use of Out-of-State Facilities for Soil Treatment, Disposal, or Sources of Backfill for Preapproval Program Sites (5/20/08) 62-713, F.A.C. X X X X

*All rule references include any subsequent replacement rules. Note, 62-770 and its predecessor 17-70 are now part of 62- 780, effective 6/12/13.

**ASTM, Standard Practice for Design and Installation of Ground Water Monitoring Wells in Aquifers (D5092-90, Reapproved 1995).

**ASTM, Standard Guide for Decommissioning of Ground Water Wells, Vadose Zone Monitoring Devices, Boreholes, and Other Devices for Environmental Activities (D5299-92).

**ASTM, Standard Guide for Use of Hollow-Stem Augers for Geoenvironmental Exploration and the Installation of Subsurface Water-Quality Monitoring Devices (D5784-95, Reapproved 2000).

**ASTM, Standard Guide for Installation of Direct Push Ground Water Monitoring Wells (D6724-01).

**ASTM, Standard Guide for Direct Push Installation of Prepacked Screen Monitoring Wells in Unconsolidated Aquifers (D6725-01).

**USEPA, Environmental Investigations Standard Operating Procedure and Quality Assurance Manual, Section 6: Design and Installation of Monitoring Wells, November 2001

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