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Bankruptcy Court Order Exceptions

Bankruptcy Court Order Exceptions

A small number of sites were granted special exemption score by the 1995 Legislature [Subsection 376.30711(3), F.S.] to continue cleanup regardless of priority.  A list of these sites is included in:  Sites Approved per Section 2(3), Chapter 95-2 Memorandum (Bankruptcy and Court Order Sites). 

Eleven former Eastern Airlines sites were also granted this exemption as part of the Miami-Dade County Settlement and Final Order in 1999.  That settlement agreement provided for Inland Protection Trust Fund (IPTF) funding out of priority order from October 1, 1998 through June 30, 2005 and has now expired. The Eastern MIA October 8, 2005 memorandum explaining the change in status to Early Detection Incentive (EDI) eligibility in priority order and breakout of the former Eastern locations into eight different facility numbers. 

Due to the timing of the changes to the program, no new sites can be included under this exemption and added to the list.  Any questions regarding this exemption should be referred to the tanks program attorneys in the Office of General Counsel (OGC).

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